In Gratitude…

I am not someone who writes online reviews about anything, but I’m breaking my longstanding social media non-compliance rule so I can gush a little about the people at Vivante. As a nervous couple who lost their first child in a traumatic fashion at the 20 week mark, we were eager for a specific kind of care outside of the medical establishment. Naturally, we not only desired people with the smarts and the patience to answer all our prep questions, but also individuals who had the spiritual depth to walk with us mindfully through what is, essentially, one of the biggest transformations any of us encounter as human beings. We found both in our friends at Vivante, and had this prep work been all they did for us then it would have been enough and well worth any money paid.

But when the time for labor came and the true complexities of this moment revealed themselves (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) this is when their true quality emerged. The Vivante midwives put in the kind of time and heart that one could only expect from the closest of friends and family. As one of them remarked to us after the fact, this is more than a job for them, this is a calling, and my wife and I were left in humble awe at the deep service we received through their compassionate work. In a time when such miraculous (and at times terrifying) life moments are managed through bulk factories, we remain deeply grateful to have found an alternative. I cannot recommend these good people highly enough, and they will remain in our hearts forever.
— Michael E
I’m all about the feels so, before I delve into that, I want to focus first on the quality of care, the in-depth knowledge and the experience all these women hold collectively. My appointments were personal, unhurried and thorough. There was a level of service and commitment I have never felt in the medical world. I truly felt like an ancient tribal queen surrounded by birth sages. Vivante Midwifery was the best choice we made in our prenatal journey. The support, the wisdom, the acceptance , the authenticity, oh and the love, such a profusion of utter devotion and adoration for what they do and what you are doing as a Momma! Part of me wants to get pregnant again just so I can spend more time with these amazing women. Our birthing journey was a dream actualized. It was incredible and I will never forget how empowered I felt because of the incredible support around me!
— Jade Christensen
There aren’t words to accurately express my gratitude and love toward the Vivante team. From our initial consultation with Amy Jo to our unrushed and lovely prenatal appointments, to our incredible birth with Amy Jo, Sharon and student Victoria - I couldn’t be happier. I felt in control of my own healthcare, empowered to make my own decisions and yet guided just enough. The birth of our daughter was beautiful and felt like our story, as opposed to feeling like things were just happening to me in a hospital setting. I am forever grateful for this experience.
— Staci & Martin
These women are AMAZING, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. I’m a nurse and I knew laboring and birthing in a hospital was not what I wanted, but I was also worried about the risks of a home birth. After researching, interviewing and asking friends in the midwifery field I chose Vivante because they are a strong, safe and evidence-based practice.

I didn’t know what to expect during my pregnancy or labor and birth, and like most first time moms I had plenty of questions and anxieties. The women at Vivante had compassion, clinical expertise and humor to offer me. I was so happy to have an hour long pre-natal visit to check in about questions or fears, listen to my baby’s heartbeat and most of all bond with them. Vivante has a group practice model, you meet with each midwife multiple times throughout your pregnancy, so I was able to develop a relationship with all of them. The trust we built over the nine months of meetings was what I needed to feel safe and secure during my labor and birth.

We were lucky to have a beautiful and quick water birth at home. Sharon, Amy Jo and Victoria were rock stars and I felt so at ease having them by my side. I always felt like they had my and my baby’s medical safety in the forefront as well as being MAJOR emotional supports. The home postpartum visits were also amazing-being able to spend those first few weeks cocooned at home with our daughter was a joy. I cannot wait to use these ladies again for our next pregnancy!
— Deanna T
This is a professional group of midwives, with whom you can rest at ease knowing the baby and mama will be in good hands during the entire pregnancy and home birth experience. From the moment we stepped in their office, we experienced a level of professionalism we had never before encountered in health care. All the women who work in the practice are extremely knowledgable, talented, and have excellent bedside manner. We had regular meetings with Vivante and they were incredibly thorough and hands on, while providing us with the resources to make informed decision with regards to all pregnancy, labor and after birth. During labor they were with us the whole way (even during our hospital transfer), and we always felt we were in good hands. Their advocacy and support was unwavering, not to mention, the home visits after the birth were extremely convenient.

Our overall experience was amazing. Not once did we doubt our choice, and we would highly recommend Vivante Midwifery to anyone considering a home birth. For us it was a top notch experience and we look forward to using their services in the future.
— Geoffrey Walters
We have been cared for by Vivante through both of our pregnancies & births. I wish I could put into words the amazing experiences that my husband and I have had with all the midwives there but I’m afraid I will fall short with words alone. Vivante has been the single best experience we have EVER had with medical care. These women are truly caring, genuine, experienced, trustworthy, kind, extremely knowledgeable and up to date on all the latest medical techniques and studies. They understand and care about your worries and fears, each appointment is at least an hour long where they take the time to go over anything and everything that you want to discuss. After years of feeling out of touch with my own healthcare, I now feel in control and empowered by this group of women. The office is homey and comfortable. They quickly respond to any call or question. Each midwife has their own strengths and they form this super hero team! I can not recommend them enough!!!
— Erin Keleher
The midwives of Vivante are awesome, empathetic, knowledgeable professionals who truly shepherd parents and baby through the whole pregnancy and birth experience. You’ll never feel like just another patient with them. They’re totally great to work with. Our son Henry agrees.
— Stan, father of Henry
I love, love, love Vivante. They provided care for me and my first (only) baby. I interviewed several midwives and OBs. In fact I didn’t started receiving care until around 20 weeks because I was set on finding the perfect provider; Vivante proved to be just that. Their philosophy hit home, their knowledge was outstanding and their love for me was felt to the core. I highly recommend making an appointment to discuss their philosophy and see if they are the right fit for you.

If you are still reading... there’s more! Vivante’s prenatal appointments are never rushed, the birth was beyond amazing and the postpartum care was outstanding. Honestly, I don’t want to have anymore children, but being able to work with Vivante again may convince me to do it anyway! If you would like to hear more about the birth, don’t hesitate to contact me through the midwives. I would love to tell you more about the wonderful care I received!!!
— Karrie Spencer