Midwifery Services


Prenatal Care

  • Hour long prenatal visits to promote trust-based relationships and individualized care

  • Review of medical history and emotional well-being

  • Nutritional and lifestyle counseling

  • Prenatal blood draws in our office

  • Availability by phone and email for questions & concerns

  • Midwife available 24/7 for urgent needs

  • Prenatal visit in the home around 36-37 wks

  • Medical consultation and referral available as needed

  • Extensive local resource network for doula services, childbirth classes, acupuncture, massage, etc.


Labor of Love

Labor of Love

Labor & Birth Care

  • Supporting home birth from 37-42 weeks of pregnancy

  • Midwives availability 24/7

  • Providing continuous care and support during active labor, birth, and the first hours postpartum

  • Use of a birth tub as a tool to help cope with labor or to use for the actual birth

  • Assisting in the delivery of or supporting parents as they catch their baby

  • Medical consultation and referral available as needed

  • Continued support in the hospital if transport is necessary

Postpartum Care

  • Complete physical exam of the newborn after birth

  • Administration of vitamin K and eye ointment for the newborn, if desired

  • Newborn screening tests

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Pulse oximetry testing, jaundice checks, and weight assessment for the newborn

  • Postpartum education and informational handouts for the new family

  • Availability to clients by phone anytime for questions and concerns

  • Regular postpartum visits for the mother and baby, including 3 home visits and 2 office visits

  • Extensive local resource network available for postpartum doula services, breastfeeding support, parenting groups, craniosacral therapists, pelvic floor services, etc.




Planned Hospital Birth

For the client who wants the attentive, personalized care that midwives provide, but feels safest birthing in a hospital setting.

  • Hour-long prenatal visits to promote trust-based relationship and individualized care. Frequency of visits is the same as our home birth families.

  • Regular postpartum visits for birthing parent and newborn. Care will begin in your home following hospital discharge, which typically includes 2 home visits and 2 office visits.

  • Midwife availability 24/7

  • Birth doula services (optional)


Our Philosophy

Birth is a normal event in life. Low risk people with healthy pregnancies can safely have a natural childbirth in their own home under the care of qualified midwives, and with fewer medical interventions. There is also a science and an art to midwifery. We find that balance by integrating evidence-based knowledge with ancient wisdom and insight. We ask families to share responsibility with their midwives for health care decisions that affect them and their baby. We are committed to helping you achieve a safe and empowering birth experience.