Vaginal/Pelvic Infections

Sometimes women are concerned about having a vaginal or pelvic infection.  Infections in the reproductive tract can be localized and mild or can be more general and perhaps lead to more serious consequences.  If you are worried about the possibility of an infection, the midwives at Vivante can help you check it out.

There are several types of tests that can be used depending on the question, symptom, or concern.  Tests that can be done in our office include:

  • blood tests for sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, and the herpes virus;
  • cultures for vaginal infections such as yeast or for sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, or herpes;
  • slides of vaginal secretions to look for yeast, bacterial vaginosis, or trichomonas (common vaginal infections)
  • swabs/Pap tests to check for the HPV virus (human papilloma virus which causes genital warts and cervical changes which can lead to cancer).

Should any infections be identified, the midwives can offer the appropriate counseling and treatment as well as discuss how to lessen the chances of acquiring such infections in the future.

Some infections (viruses), once acquired, might never go away even if we treat the symptoms.  If a viral infection is identified, we can offer counseling on ways to minimize outbreaks and precautions to take to prevent transmission.