Preconception Counseling

Preconception care is a critical component of health care for all women of reproductive age, both before a first pregnancy as well as between pregnancies.  The main goals of preconception care are the following:

  • to promote good health behaviors
  • to screen for potential obstacles to pregnancy
  • to take steps to reduce risk factors that might affect future pregnancies

Many women are not even aware that they are pregnant until after the critical period of fetal organ development that takes place in the first 4-10 weeks of pregnancy.  Preconception care allows time for appropriate interventions to reduce risks and prevent a number of maternal and child health problems (some of which can be serious).

Reproductive health planning is about being intentional around preparing for and starting a family. It includes making decisions about when to have children, how many to have, how to time pregnancies, and how to ensure the healthiest pregnancies and families. It sometimes involves contraception, sometimes fertility-promoting actions, and sometimes implementing difficult lifestyle and behavioral changes. 

A preconception counseling visit with the Vivante midwives typically addresses the following topics:

  • promoting a healthy lifestyle 
  • important nutritional issues
  • awareness of your body's fertility signals and how to work with them to achieve pregnancy, or a discussion of options to avoid pregnancy until you're ready
  • your social support network
  • your stress levels
  • the quality of your relationships with regard to parenting
  • whether you have been a victim of abuse or violence
  • your genetic background
  • your health history
  • your present health status (inclusive of a physical exam and/or lab tests as needed)

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